2021: A Year of Change and Growth

Challenging. Unpredictable. Disruptive. 2021 has been a tough year for pretty much everyone. Despite the difficulties, at Emark we managed to grow and improve our business in several ways.


From a new focus on mental health and wellbeing, to the introduction of more efficient digital processes, 2021 has had some positive outcomes that will benefit us all in the years to come. 


The power of our people 

While 2021 has no doubt been a difficult year, we still experienced significant growth at Emark, welcoming 36 new employees to the company throughout the year. These new colleagues have introduced fresh energy and ideas, which has helped us maintain the enthusiasm and dynamism that we’re known for as a company. 


One of the key factors in our success over the last year is the resilience of our people. I’ve been continually amazed by the level of drive and innovation that our employees have shown – not only in finding great solutions for our customers, but also in how they’ve supported each other during the pandemic. 


If nothing else, 2021 has shown us the importance of trusting and caring for the people that we work with, and I’m really proud of how everyone has come together and connected in such a powerful way. The focus on mental health and wellbeing that has emerged following the last two years will serve us well as we continue to navigate changes to the way we work in the future.  


The changing world of work

Another major transformation this year has been the proliferation of hybrid working. It’s not just about working on a laptop at home – hybrid working requires us to change the way we manage all the underlying processes that employees rely upon. The pandemic has also impacted the way we sell to and service customers, with many companies experiencing a massive shift to online. We’ve been helping clients adjust to these new ways of working, and cope when their call volumes have rocketed from 200 to 2,000 per day.


Many of our 2021 projects have also involved helping organisations engage with their customers in new, more personalised ways. In recognition of the one such project, we landed the extremely prestigious Salesforce Innovation Award. It’s such an honour that out of all the consultancies worldwide that work with Salesforce, we were awarded this global accolade.


It has become clear over the last year that the organisations that demonstrate agility and an open and innovative mindset will develop and grow the fastest. We’re delighted that so many organisations have turned to us to help with their business transformations, and we’ve also changed many of our own processes to improve the way we do business. For example, we’re now working with clients that we’ve never met face to face, and managed to win one of our largest ever projects entirely virtually. We have a new perspective that has encouraged us to find new and better solutions which will stay with us. 


Predictions for 2022

I think 2022 will see a significant focus on machine learning and AI. It’s now clear that the amount of data organisations are capturing will continue to grow exponentially, and it’s only by leveraging machine learning and AI that we’ll be able to effectively gain insights from it. 


At Emark, we’ll be investing in these capabilities and embedding AI in more of our services to help clients take advantage of this growing trend. We’re also looking to broaden our services and enter into new markets with expansion and acquisition abroad. 


Whatever we’re faced with in 2022, I know that our team will continue to stay strong and do the best for our customers.