7 new features to know about in the latest Marketing Cloud release

From better analytics to email and personalisation insights, learn how the June Marketing Cloud release can help you get more from your data.


Marketers are still working to overcome critical data gaps to provide the connected digital experiences that customers expect. In fact, only 37% of marketing leaders are completely satisfied with the quality of their data.

The latest Marketing Cloud release offers new features to help you get more from your data. You can explore new ways to consolidate information, pull powerful insights from your analytics, and use artificial intelligence (AI) to up your marketing-personalisation game.


Here are seven of the most powerful features from the June 2021 Marketing Cloud release.


1. Salesforce Customer Data Platform (CDP) enhancements

With Salesforce CDP, you can get a complete picture of every individual in your database and use that data to deliver new levels of personalisation. Upgrades include:

  • Salesforce CDP Integration with Interaction Studio: Target your customers using unified profile insights and cross-cloud data to enrich real-time decision-making.
  • Salesforce CDP Connector with Commerce Cloud (Pilot): Enrich your customer profiles with commerce data such as product catalog and order data and deliver personalised experiences based on purchase history.
  • Calculated Insights enhancements: Take advantage of new, advanced analytical functions in our Calculated Insights feature, which lets you define and calculate multidimensional metrics in Salesforce CDP. Now, you can employ  ranking, bucketing, and manipulate date- and time-related functions such as number of dates since last transaction. You’ll also have access to a built-in function library, the ability to edit formula names, and the option to enable and disable Calculated Insights.


2. Datorama Reports Advanced for Marketing Cloud

Go beyond out-of-the-box analytics from Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud, our included analytics and reporting tool for Marketing Cloud Email Studio, Mobile Studio, and Journey Builder. With the Datorama Reports Advanced features, you can supercharge your email, mobile, and journey analytics with new dashboard tools to analyze your data any way you need.

  • Marketer-friendly, flexible dashboarding: Design and edit your dashboards to showcase data according to your specific business needs. Leverage a library of more than 60 widgets to create a dashboard for a specific use case and edit existing dashboards to match your branding with easy-to-use design tools. 
  • Data customization: Edit your calculated measurements and dimensions to match your data taxonomy. For example, change your open rate to match how your business measures it, or modify a dimension to match your brand’s definitions.
  • Cross-channel marketing apps: Gain out-of-the-box analytics to analyze the email-to-web funnel, connect to Salesforce solutions such as Advertising Studio and Sales Cloud, and analyze your paid advertising.

Check out this Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud Advanced demo to learn more. 


3. Datorama Connector with CDP

Now you can access audience data stored in a CDP within Datorama automatically to turn raw data points into powerful insights and optimize your marketing efforts.

Even better: In July, Datorama will support an out-of-the box CDP app so you can gain immediate access to your CDP and related demographic, engagement, and conversion data. This “all click, no code” approach helps you get all the insights you need quickly to better understand your audience, how they’re engaging with your marketing, and each customer’s value to your business.


4. Google Analytics 4 tagging and reporting

It’s easier than ever to join Google Analytics data with Marketing Cloud. Plus, with Google Analytics 4, you can access robust conversion analytics for mobile and email content and automatically applied mobile and web tagging for Journey Builder. 

Built directly into the Journey Analytics dashboard and available to all Journey Builder users, Google Analytics 4 tagging and reporting capabilities are available at no additional cost and include a turnkey setup that can be activated with just a few steps.

Check out the Google Analytics 4 tagging and reporting release notes to learn more.


5. Einstein for Email Marketing enhancements

Send times and subject lines can raise major questions for marketers. When is the right time to send an email? Which type of subject line will garner the most engagement? Marketing Cloud and Pardot, the B2B marketing automation platform from Salesforce, offer two new ways to help you answer those questions and boost your email engagement rates with data-driven insights.

  • Performance Tester for Subject Lines for Marketing Cloud: Get a sneak peek at a subject line’s predicted performance and how it compares to your average email engagement.
  • Einstein Send Time Optimization for Pardot: One of our most popular Marketing Cloud features is now available to Pardot customers. Einstein uses AI to evaluate open and click times so you can send email messages at the right time for every prospect on your list.

See Einstein Send Time Optimization and Performance Tester for Subject Lines in action.


6. Pardot Accounts as Campaign Members

As more organisations adopt an account-based marketing (ABM) approach to business growth and retention, building campaigns at the account level is more important than ever. With Accounts as Campaign Members, you can add accounts directly to a campaign — even before you’ve identified the account’s individual buyers. 

You can use this feature to run prospecting campaigns with outbound sales reps to identify the right buyers in each target account. It can also help you target accounts for virtual events before you finalise the RSVP list and automatically sync new account contacts as they’re identified. Simply put, this feature is a game changer that will empower sales reps to help marketing target the right buyers for upcoming campaigns.

Check out the Pardot Accounts as Campaign Members demo.


7. Advertising Studio enhancements

Advertising Studio includes powerful functionality for data-driven advertising. With this release, you have access to two new features to help you expand to new channels and gain important insights:

  • Snapchat for Advertising Studio: Now you can use your first-party data stored in Salesforce to create targeted, personalized advertising audiences for the Snapchat platform. Find new customers that look like your most loyal customers, re-engage inactive customers, improve customer experience, and increase your return on advertising spend.
  • Datorama Audience Insights for the Advertising Studio app: This new app for Datorama Reports Advanced allows you to connect and harmonize your first-party data from Advertising Studio in Datorama to optimize your cross-channel audience strategy.

Check out demos for Snapchat for Advertising Studio and Datoroma Audience Insights for Advertising Studio App. Then discover the five trends transforming data-driven advertising.


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