Scotch & Soda:

A Dutch High Quality Fashion Company


The challenge was to create a 360 view on customer data, powered by the integration of multiple data sources. This single customer view was the starting point of personalised, actionable and connected marketing and service campaigns. Above aiming for higher turnover, upgraded Services Engagement Scores and improved efficiency.


This started with the integration between Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud and Commerce Cloud. Integrating the technology architecture dissolved data silo’s and resulted in one integrated technology setup, objective alignment between e-commerce, marketing and service departments.


• Automated client journeys with the latest web behavioural data.  

• Highly personalised email campaigns. 

• Smart data segmentations by Audience Creator, an easy drag and drop to create your audiences. 

• Multi-language abandoned shopping cart campaigns.

• Emails triggered by Commerce Cloud, delivered by Marketing Cloud and tracked within Service Cloud.

• Digital email receipts, triggered by the brand store POS systems, delivered by Marketing Cloud and tracked within Service Cloud.

•Real-time sync service, agents now have the latest profile and web behaviour of clients.

• Connected welcome journeys supporting reduced customer care cases.


“Our digital marketing vision is to have one view of the customer, one workflow, one toolset and one layer of business intelligence. Emark makes that possible for us.”

Wim van Zijl | E-commerce manager