AI-powered marketing to improve the Customer Lifetime Value had a need for better insight in the results of multichannel marketing programs. Read more about our Proof of Concept on Salesforce Datorama, the AI-powered marketing intelligence tool.


About sells business information to professionals in risk, compliance, sales and marketing, mainly via subscription services. Information like turnover, company size and sector can be viewed or downloaded through their online portal. Additionally they provide API’s ( which can be used to integrate their data  into existing enterprise tooling, for example when a customer has a CRM.




Challenge does not yet have a holistic view on the performance of all their marketing channels. Retrieving reports from various marketing platforms takes  a lot of time. They wish to make reporting easier and getting insights from platforms that weren’t simply accessible before. has lots of small clients. They want to gain insights into how these clients are using the products and wish to affect the behaviour of their clients and improve their customer lifetime value.

Solution – What is being built?

To help with their challenge, we’ve built a Marketing Dashboard in Salesforce Datorama. In the Dashboard we combined data from Google Analytics, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud. The dashboard gives insight into email performance and the sales funnel, from website visits to leads and sales. Next to this it shows detailed performance of email campaigns and journeys, as well as sales performance per account manager. To give more meaning to the data and results, we also automatically included targets. By doing this in Datorama it’s easy to compare results with the targets on a daily level, weekly level or any other time frame. This is something that was not possible before.



Result – What has happened until now?

Datorama has already resulted in a clear overview of Marketing performance for email campaigns and journeys and is helping to see sales performance per stage of the funnel, account manager and compares this data to set targets. Vincent de Pooter, CMO of “With Datorama we have a  clear view of marketing and sales performance based on our  targets, this helps us to take action based on data driven insights”.




What’s next?

Next step is to evaluate this POC, check all data sources to add to Datorama and plan a future roll out into the organisation. As Wunderman Thompson, we will guide in this process , help select the right KPIs and targets and build the dashboards that answer business questions. The end goal would be to have all marketing data connected to create a holistic view on Marketing performance for Company.Info.



Questions managers and marketers can answer by using Datorama

  • Do we need to pause our marketing activities?
  • How are my topline KPIs performing?
  • Why did this campaign perform so well?
  • How was our business last year during this period?
  • What should my next step be to optimise this campaign?
  • Which channel is driving my sales and conversions?
  • Which customer segments engage most with my media?


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