Basic-Fit European market leader in the “value-for-money” fitness market


How to serve content to a large customer base that is tailored to the needs of Basic-Fit? Basic-Fit reached out to Emark to help them achieve an advanced level of digital maturity. This resulted in setting up automatically triggered, personalised, service- and welcome-flow emails. We discussed the challenge with Basic-Fit at the headquarters. Check out the video.


Emark delivered a ‘Fullforce’ plan of attack to enable the business objectives and data integration challenges. This started with the integration between Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud and Commerce Cloud. Integrating the technology architecture dissolved data silo’s and resulted in one integrated technology setup, objective alignment between e-commerce, marketing and service departments.


This solution resulted in a more effective and engaging customer experience in the day to day operation, but it also allows Basic-Fit to make more insightful decisions to move forward on a strategic level and increase revenue and ROI.

“We are now able to build and control personal 1-on-1 customer journeys. It enables us to communicate with our members in a more focused way.”

Susanne de Schepper | International manager Customer Care