BPD One of the largest area developers in Europe


How to become Europe’s first online vendor of houses and to communicate relevant information and keep customers involved through all steps of buying a house online. With Emark’s support, the key to realizing BPD’s ambition lay in offering a 1:1 customer journey to reach their customers with relevant content at the right time. We discussed the challenge with BPD, check out the video.


In order to truly adapt to the customer’s need when they consider to buy a new-build house online, BPD needed to be very much involved. Setting up 1:1 customer journeys played key in this proces.


BPD became the first online vendor of new-build houses in Europe. Since the kick-off in March 2016 multiple houses are sold online (price range from €200.000 – €420.000). The mailings of BPD obtained an average open rate of 70% (an increase of 200%) and an average CTR of 30% (an increase 300%).

“Together with Emark, we elevated BPD’s digital and email marketing to the next level. This enabled us to implement our customer contact strategy so that, as the first area developer in Europe, we can sell new-build houses online.”

Erik van der Wal | Sr. E Business Manager BPD