Customer Experience in Health care


Omring wants to interact with (potential) patients on a regular basis with relevant information. The goal is to create a care customer journey for their patients over a period of 20 to 30 years with every aspect of life in between and covered. Salesforce Technology will help Omring to deliver personalised, quick and excellent care for their patients by creating a 360 customer view.


Optimise across both Salesforce Service Cloud as Marketing Cloud to help create this 360 customer view and use these insights to personalise their interactions. 


Omring will be able to inform, advise & invite their patients to address new services offered. A service driven customer experience. 

“We were finally challenged from a marketing perspective. Emark made us feel comfortable on our situation and the future roadmap by asking the right questions and raising ideas."

Marjolein Kruithof – Project Leader Omring