Emark wins Salesforce Best in Class B2C Award

At the Isle of Wight, digital marketing technology specialist Emark won the Salesforce Best in Class B2C 2018 Award with their multi-cloud solution for fashion company Scotch & Soda.

According to the jury, the digital marketing case is a great example of how to take customer satisfaction to the next level. The ‘Best in Class B2C‘ recognition reflects the breadth and depth of the Salesforce advisory, implementation and integration services, and the market success of Emark.


One view, one workflow, one toolset and one layer of business intelligence

For Scotch and Soda, Emark delivered a ‘Fullforce’ plan of attack to enable their business objectives and data integration challenges. The challenge was to create a 360 view on customer data, powered by the integration of multiple data sources. This single customer view was the starting point of personalised, actionable and connected marketing and service campaigns. In addition to aiming for higher turnover, it upgraded Service Engagement Scores and improved efficiency. Integrating the technology architecture dissolved data silo’s and resulted in one integrated technology setup, and objective alignment between e-commerce, marketing and service departments.


The rewards of putting our customers first

“We are very proud that Emark has received the Best in Class B2C 2018 award,” said Emark CEO Eric Verhage. “This unique recognition proves beyond doubt to our clients and prospects that we have very specific knowledge and the ability to support every single client. It also demonstrates that we are making an impact in a competitive ecosystem and contributing to the success of our clients on the Salesforce platform.”