It’s official: we won the Salesforce Partner Innovation award, helping furniture brand BoConcept to deliver personalised, premium retail experiences across channels.

Challenge: Global & Local Customer Infrastructure

This iconic high-end retailer needs to help consumers make the most of their living space, by offering interior design services to guide them through their home makeover.

At Emark, our challenge was to help BoConcept engage with each consumer in the right context, by designing custom journeys across channels and touchpoints.

This meant creating customer experience capabilities on both a global and a local level: BoConcept HQ needed centralised control over their marketing technology, but they also needed to empower 150+ franchisees in 66 countries by giving them the tools to engage with local customers.

Solution: A Connected Ecosystem for Premium Customer Journeys

On a technical level, Emark helps BoConcept to realise a 360-degree customer view on each of these two levels by centralising their CRM and data architecture, connecting and activating data across online and offline.

By combining the powers of Salesforce Marketing, Community and Sales Clouds, BoConcept can operate on two levels in the following ways:

  1. Orchestrate customer journeys globally, but create relevant campaign activities locally
  2. Gain complete insights into their local customers within a single environment

Results: Campaigns Running in 3 Months

The following campaigns and activities were rolled out in just 3 months: