How to Transform a Certifications Boost Challenge into an Act of Kindness

In just three months, Wunderman Thompson’s employees raised 2000 euros for Justdiggit by boosting Salesforce certifications. An impossible-to-resist challenge that combined fun with a worthy cause.

At Wunderman Thompson, obtaining Salesforce certifications is a significant step to support clients and provide them with the best service possible. Certifications are indeed key in helping experts evolve in their roles by mastering skills and confirming experience.  


But that is not all, getting certifications means enhancing the company’s success, too. 


For this reason, Paul de Groot (Solution Director) and Erik van Diepen (CFO) proposed the Certification Boost Challenge.  An initiative to thrill colleagues to get as many certifications as possible and win amazing prizes. 


In total, 48 colleagues participated in the challenge, and 80 certifications were collected. 


But there is no challenge without motivation. 


The participants needed something to fight for, something more valuable than a prize: and what better encouragement than an act of kindness? 


In fact, for each certification obtained, 25euros were donated to Justdiggit, a non-governmental organisation based in Amsterdam that is on the important mission of “regreening Africa and cooling down the planet.”   


“A simple idea that shows immense value with just a simple action of digging.” commented Paul de Groot. 


This challenge opens new ways for Wunderman Thompson to stimulate their employees and engage in compelling causes.  


 My expectation is that we will continue the certification process consistently throughout 2022, because it is important to keep a good balance between work and learning.” Paul de Groot concludes “I do envision we will have more initiatives that will combine work and sustainability in the future.