SNCF – Europe’s largest railway company


Transport delays are inevitable, so SNCF decided to launch a large programme to improve transparency in customer communication. But how could they synchronise multiple different customer-facing functions, data and technologies, to transform a potentially frustrating passenger experience into a well informed end-to-end journey?


As customer experience and service cloud experts, Emark played a pivotal role in the ‘TIC’ team – a project translating to ‘Always Inform Our Customers’. Within 3 months, the team connected the data and technologies which would keep SNCF’s messages moving to customers across their channel of choice. In this case, notifying them by SMS about service updates, such as delays or cancellations.


SNCF wanted to measure their initial success through the volume of received messages by customers impacted by a delay, as an indicator of greater transparency. Since the go-live date, 4 million texts have been received by customers on journeys throughout the country, to keep them up-to-date on their travels.


Using various elements of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, including Mobile Connect and Email Studio, the ‘TIC’ team was able to apply Ampscript to SMS messages – connecting all data to make sure SNCF could not only meet short-term goals but could analyse and apply the SMS insights in multiple ways to build and improve near-future customer journeys.