MENU – The leading online food delivery marketplace in Europe

Challenge wants to keep their position as the #1 food delivery service within the 10 countries they currently operate. And it’s not a piece of cake. This is a highly competitive industry, with an addressable market reaching over €20 billion by 2025 – and so retaining customers is the key to surviving and thriving.


In the world of eCommerce, personalisation becomes a baseline for doing better business – so decide to make one-to-one communication more straightforward by automating it. Using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Email Studio and Journey Builder, Emark worked with the team to deliver completely custom email content depending on historical order data, city, and dining preferences – from restaurants to favourite foods.


Knowing that marketing shouldn’t feel like marketing, can now personalise all email communication automatically based on their preferences, making the customer’s inbox seem like an order list they created themselves.


This reduces customer journey steps and means content becomes a source of convenience – with restaurants relevantly ranked for factors such as personal order history, proximity to the customer, and satisfaction ratings.

"Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful tool to enable personalisation at scale. Because it allows us to automatically combine and update data from different sources, every email we send out is different and tailored to the receiver’s preferences, order history and location."

Nick Peng, CRM Lead at