The customer experience of the future – Emerce 100

Emark is a growth partner that combines technology, data, creativity and consultancy. The agency helps companies create loyal customers.


Every brand aspires to the best customer experience,” commercial director Dienand Christe states. “That mission will only succeed if there is synergy between data, creativity and technology. Emark is one of the few agencies that can make this happen. We make sure that our end customers will not only end up satisfied and loyal, but will also stay that way. This results in each individual consumer becoming a profitable business case.”

For people, by people

“Optimising the customer experience begins with developing a vision and strategy for the entire company”, Strategic Director Jaap van Oort explains. A programme like this is not just owned by either the marketing team or the commerce team or the IT department. We break through those boundaries and work in a multidisciplinary team with the client on their roadmap, outlining step by step how to move in a responsible way to the final destination. We build bridges and make sure the heads are all facing the same direction before we start transforming processes and platforms.”


Putting the customer first means making the data key. Christe says: “We mainly work with first party data. We use Salesforce’s proven technology to get the most out of this. We are a platinum partner and know the Salesforce platform down to literally every bit. Of course, we do put our own spin on this technology so that we are able to enhance and bring the data together in a distinctive way. We create a 360 degree image of our end customers which is available to all relevant departments. This allows them to personalise their service. A process, by the way, that never actually finishes. The market is constantly changing, so as a company, you have to keep investing in growing together with your end customers.”

Empty biscuit tin

Over the last few years, there has been a lot of commotion about third party data and privacy and transparency. Recently, Google announced that it will stop using cookies in the future. “This will be a challenge for CMOs”, van Oort explains. “They base the largest part of their marketing strategy on cookies. First party data will be the best alternative for CMOs as it is the strategic asset which ensures long term success. Emark has years of experience with ‘connecting’ and activating first party data. That makes us more relevant than ever now.”


First party data is the strategic asset for longterm success.