Women in Tech – Carolina Muncunill

In our series of Women in Tech blogs, we’re celebrating the women that are flourishing in technical roles here at Emark. For this blog, we spoke to Carolina Muncunill, project manager at our Barcelona office and keen traveller. Carolina reveals her least favourite part of her job, what she’s missed during lockdown, and how professional equality requires us all to make an effort.

Tell us a bit about your role at Emark.

As a project manager for Salesforce CRM and Marketing Cloud-related projects, I’m heavily involved with both clients and internal teams. In fact, I spend pretty much all day on calls, which meant that during COVID I was in constant contact with others, so I didn’t suffer the isolation that some people felt. I prefer face-to-face meetings, but virtual is better than nothing!

What’s your favourite part of your job?

There are lots of aspects that I enjoy – I think I’ve found my ideal role! I love it when a project comes together, we finish on time, and all our hard work pays off. It’s great to see the benefits that we’ve helped our clients achieve. Conversely, my least favourite part is when we’re not able to deliver on time or meet expectations – luckily this doesn’t happen very often though! I work on up to 10 projects at a time, so I’m constantly having to switch from one topic to the next, which keeps me on my toes. You must be able to think very fast in my role as it’s very dynamic, but that suits me. I also really like working with such a diverse and interesting group of people – both clients and internally. We tend to develop quite close relationships as we work intensely together and sometimes for long periods of time.


Is there any one project of which you’re particularly proud?

I prefer to work on really complex projects that involve several different solutions and multi-national teams – they’re the most satisfying. There was one project with a client in the automotive sector that covered six countries, 12 brands, and multiple Salesforce Clouds. It was really challenging with lots of planning, travel, and tight deadlines. We successfully finished it on time after 12 months, and I was so pleased. I do like a challenge – I’m also proud of helping to keep the Barcelona office running when our team lead was on maternity leave. I had to step up to cover while she was off. It was hard at times, but we had a good year and it’s satisfying to think of how I contributed to that success.


What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I love to be outside and to travel – I like walking in the mountains and meeting with friends and family. I’ve missed it a lot during lockdown. I usually travel quite a lot for work as well as for pleasure – I’ve been to Finland and Portugal and really enjoy that aspect of my job.


Do you think it’s harder for women than men to go into technology-based roles?

I think it can be harder, but it’s gradually changing. Equality is important in both our personal and professional lives, but we all need to make an effort to be open-minded and reject the stereotypes of the past to achieve it.