Women in Tech – Dominique Aleman

In our Women in Tech blog series, we’re continuing to talk to the women that make Emark great. This time, we talk to Dominique Aleman about how she discovered her talent for technology and has carved out her own role, despite starting the job just two weeks before COVID-19 lockdown.

Why did you decide to join Emark?

I’ve always worked in marketing and customer experience, working on the client side for eight years. But after speaking to a career coach, I realised that I was better suited to a more dynamic role, as I love to work with a variety of people and I enjoy new challenges. 

This led me to look at agencies. I met with Emark and instantly felt a rapport. They didn’t have a job available at the time, but they felt it too and created a role for me! I’m now a CRM and email marketing consultant, which sits halfway between business and technology.


What was it like starting just before lockdown?

It was hard as I was looking forward to the social side of working at Emark – the company’s known for its after-work events and parties! But I managed to meet a few people in the office before we started working from home and the team was very welcoming. In some ways, it meant I had to be more self-sufficient, which led to my interest in learning more about the technology that powers email marketing.


What inspired you to move into a more technology-focused role?

Curiosity! I’d always been intrigued by the technical side and was fed up with having to ask colleagues to set up the more complex campaigns and export data – they didn’t mind, but I wanted to do it for myself! I decided to learn about Marketing Cloud and now I can develop campaigns, write SQL queries, automate tasks, and configure the solution to match client requirements. Over the last year, I’ve transitioned my role from being mainly business-focused on campaigns, content, and data to incorporating a larger technology component. It makes me more confident with our clients as I’m more knowledgeable. Emark’s been very supportive in allowing me to carve out my own niche.


So, what does your role involve now?

I’m the link between defining the client’s business goals and translating them to journeys, campaigns and other technology needs. I spend a lot of time building long-term relationships so I can understand their challenges and requirements. Then I’ll look at their data, make suggestions on how they can improve their processes and campaigns, and help configure Salesforce to best fit their needs. I’m very analytical – I’m the one that’s always asking why! You must be both diplomatic and forthright in my role, so you can push-back on ideas that you don’t think will work or deliver little business value and suggest alternatives. It’s not always easy saying no to a client, but it’s important to ensure that they stay on track with their goals.


What do you most enjoy about your job?

I love working across disciplines to come up with the solution that’s best for the client – and then seeing the results. I’m really enjoying the new challenges of working on the technical side too and I’m constantly learning more from my colleagues. There’s so much knowledge at Emark, which makes it a very inspiring place to work. I’m also really proud of myself – I decided I wanted to work in technology, and by embracing the right opportunities and hard work, I’ve made it happen.