Women in Tech – Georgina Garcia

So far in our Women in Tech blog series, we’ve spoken to some of Emark’s most committed and enthusiastic project managers and consultants. On this occasion, we talked to Emark’s inspirational Team Lead in Barcelona and Solution Architect, Georgina Garcia, about discovering her gift for technology, juggling team management with project work, and the importance of work/life balance.

Discovering a passion for programming

Like many of our technology heroes here at Emark, Georgina didn’t take a conventional route into the field. After studying psychology at university, she started out in HR, but soon discovered it wasn’t really for her and turned her hand to communications and broadcasting. 

As she started to learn more technical skills, such as HTML and other programming languages, Georgina discovered she had a talent for coding. “Developing keeps my brain active,” she explains. “As technology never stands still, you’re constantly having to solve new problems and learn new skills.”

After working as a front-end developer for two years, Georgina started a development role at a software company where she gained experience in marketing automation. Following a recommendation from some former colleagues, she moved to Emark as a solution architect in 2016. “Being offered a job at Emark was a great opportunity,” says Georgina. “Salesforce is one of the most important platforms in the industry and there’s a growing market for Salesforce skills, so I knew it would be a good career move.”

Balancing projects with needs of the team

Thanks to her natural talent for technology, Georgina rapidly became an expert in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and was promoted to a senior role two years later. Her strong people skills made Georgina stand out from the crowd, and in 2020, she became Team Lead for Emark’s Barcelona office with a team of eight under her management. “I love helping people grow in their careers, but I also enjoy the mental workout of working with technology, so my current role is the best of both worlds,” confirms Georgina.

Managing a team through COVID-19 was a tough for any leader, but with her usual combination of exceptional organisation, self-discipline, and compassion, Georgina soon adapted to the challenge. “Prioritisation is key – and my team is my number one priority,” explains Georgina. “I schedule in time so that even if I’m completely absorbed in my own project, I stop what I’m doing and check in with my team. It’s so important to make sure that everyone’s happy and got everything they need to be able to work productively.”

Making time for family

It’s these skills that also make Georgina super-mum to two small children. Thanks to the flexibility of her role at Emark, she still manages to have quality time with her family, while working full-time hours. “Lots of Spanish companies expect you to work until 6 or 7pm, which would mean I’d miss out on family time,” she explains. “At Emark though, I have the flexibility to make sure I’m always home for dinner and bedtime, which is really important to me.”

Emark recognises the importance of work/life balance for happy and healthy employees, and so does Georgina, which means she’s keen to help every member of her team achieve the right balance, “Whether it’s working part-time or flexible hours, if people have the right formula for their individual needs, they will work hard and stay loyal,” Georgina comments. “After investing in onboarding and training, it’s not just good for employees but makes financial sense to the business as well.”

Georgina is also keen to inspire other women to go for senior positions and understands how important it is for companies to invest in helping them. “It should just be about skills and capabilities – not gender – and women have an awful lot to offer,” she says. This is evident at Emark, which has a 50/50 mix. “Don’t be scared to go for what you want, and don’t be intimidated by what others say!” advises Georgina. “Always follow your goals and you can achieve whatever you set your mind to.”