Women in Tech – Marjolein Spiering

In our series of Women in Tech blogs, we’re celebrating the women that are flourishing in technical roles here at Emark. In this blog, we talk to Marjolein Spiering, Campaign Developer at Emark, about the skills needed to create great designs, why every project needs to be client-centric, and how she’s achieved the perfect work-life balance.
Marjolein Picture

As a campaign developer, Marjolein builds HTML emails and templates for Emark’s clients. With her passion for design and eye for detail, Marjolein creates templates that are attractive, brand-aligned, and easy to use for our clients. 


After joining Emark in 2014 looking for a new challenge and more variety, Marjolein initially divided her time between creating email designs and supporting clients via Emark’s helpdesk. In 2018, she stepped away from the support desk to focus fully on where her passion lies – design and HTML. “My role requires a bit of technical know-how – it’s on the edge of programming – but it’s mainly creative,” she explains. “You need to be able to think logically and understand what will look good, but you also need great people skills so you can understand a client’s requirements.”


Putting Clients’ Needs First

This is a vital consideration in every one of Marjolein’s designs. When working with such a wide variety of clients, it’s important to ensure their differing needs are at the centre of every project. “You can make the most beautiful design, but if it’s too technical for the client to use easily, or if it doesn’t match their brand guidelines or meet their brief, it’s completely redundant,” she explains. “Clients usually share a brand guide, but I also look carefully at the client’s website styling to ensure my design fits.”

Although Marjolein isn’t from a particularly technical background, she rapidly picked up HTML in her previous job as an online marketeer, and has gone on to develop advanced HTML coding skills. Her job can also require great perseverance at times – each design has to be tested in a variety of formats and tweaked until it looks great in every email client, from Gmail and Outlook to Apple Mail on desktop and mobile devices.


The Flexibility To Focus On Design

At Emark, Marjolein has been able to grow her skills in the area that she loves, and she also enjoys the flexibility the company offers. Dividing her time between working from home and the office, Marjolein has been able to achieve a great work-life balance. Working part-time and going into the office one day a week, she has time to go horse-riding with her daughter, play tennis, read, listen to music, and spend time with family. “There’s always a great atmosphere in the office – it’s a nice building and I enjoy seeing my colleagues,” Marjolein explains. “But as I live a bit further away from the city, I’m glad I don’t have to make the commute every day.” If you are working from home, establishing a good working space is really important, which Marjolein recognises, especially after breaking her elbow a few years ago. “I have a special keyboard, multiple screens, and a standing desk – both at home and in the office,” she explains. “Emark has been very supportive in making sure I have all the equipment I need to do my job comfortably.”


Although already highly experienced in HTML, Marjolein is never content to rest on her laurels and now keen to develop her design skills further. “I’ve enjoyed copywriting and web editing in the past, but in design, I’ve found where my true passion lies,” she explains. “At Emark, I’m always working on interesting projects for diverse clients, which means I have the opportunity to constantly learn more and improve my skills.